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 Robodog  (R) came on shops this winter 2005 ! 
First mod : Ears !
Compared to Robosapien (R) , Robodog can be a total autonomus robot, with a pair of IR sensors, 
it can avoid obstacle. It got somes Tricks like Barking noise, Urinating gesture (+ sound), roll on his back and recover itself on "standing" position...

Saddly, the left leg stop working after a quite short time with my kids ! As the packaging was just thrown away..;I decided to operate the beast :

First you need to remove the 8 screws at the bottom and pull out the top of the Torso and Back legs..;Remove carefully the
"head" conector from the print !  Then all the others conectors and both screws from the print.


4 more screws old the front-mechanic (leg and Torso geared-motors + Head linkage). Remove the leg by pulling the
metal "nail" and the little plastic cap.


Remove then the motor, unscrew the 6 tiny screws and pull the top cover with the motor !
Be carefull not to remove the gears from the block, The leg may not anymore be on the proper position after !

By opening the little motor, I found a lose wire wich need some resolding...

As the Robot was dismantled, I decide to add some "real dog loocking" by adding "Ears" to it !
(just a piece of rubber glove stuck between both Head covers.

Last update :15/01/206