More about me ?

Paper models


More about me ?


I'm 45 now  !
for those who know me, I was 44 last year.....:(

I'm still fan of DIY, oldtimers (motorcycling) and everything to do with technical stuff !

that's one of my newest vehicle !

and while restoring last year...
If you had some questions about /5' BMW, just e-mail...

and that's the other side view of my workshop !!!!!!!!
don't follow this example please....If you look at it, you'll find a typical "citroën" stuff ! as I'm a fan of this cars....(I actually got a "BX").
You'll also find a Robot and my electronics tools....


Last year, back to the village where I was born, 
I was glad to see that my first "bike" still want to 
carry me !

that was a Peugeot 102 !!!!
nice Horns !