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after allready 10 years of building Robots, I'm stil trying to find

something cheap, funny and....different....

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Paper models


More about me


The smallest 6 legged Robot I ever made...

It's just around 10 cm long !

The electrnic print is the main frame of the Robot..


Small Bipedal Robot !

4 servos are enough to move those fully articulated legs !

Bipede :

The first....10 Years old and still working well !

The idea was comming from « bigfoot » from Milton instrument, but I wanted to make something more « technical ».

Only 9 different parts and 2 servos are necessary. It's one of the best for beginners.

Originally a Basicstamp 1 was used for control.

Fourmika :

First 6 legged Robot I've made, it's quite unique because, with only 2 servos, it can move on all directions !

2 versions where made the second one got middle legs moving forward/backward too !

Originally a Basicstamp 1 was used for control.

Robastic :

My second Robot !

This Crawling Robot is still unique !

can move in all the direction with 3 servos.

Originally a Basicstamp 1 was used for control.

Minislug :

(but it does its best)

Little brother of Robastic, with micro-servos ! a lot more agile too !

Volvo :

Small « Beam » ( Wikipédia) robot. I wanted to see how funny an « economical » robot can be. It's build with all sorts of pieces easy to find.

The electronic schematic come from a pretty good friend :

« Mister BEAM Himself» wich shows you can be Dutch and loving other things than Citroën's cars and cheese...

Rolly :

Made after Volvo I wanted t try to build a Robot with (commercials gears) (the worm gears of Volvo weren't that easy to find)

Another electronic was tested too.

Clic hier to see the Tutorial !

Robotic development tool :

Totally autonomous system made to help programming Minibip

It makes easy to send positionning order to 4 servos at the same time ad note the value of it. I put somes mores features I find usefull for programmng Robots too.

I can't do anything anymore without it !

Toys Hack !

I do not really like this term wich sound like « Pirate » to my ears....It's just some inprovements to make things going betters....

Wow Wee Cyber spider :

This splendid Remote control Toy have plenty of nice features (specialy the sounds !) but need a too much large space to turn. After getting it stuck against all the furnitures I decided to inprove it's agility.

So sad it's not anymore on the market !

Wow Wee Robodog :

I thought that a dog without ears was a little bit like a Teapot without a Wissle....

Robotics Links :

Mister « Beam » :


If you want to see Minislug on wheels :