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Mini 6 is a little 6 legged Robot which was created to test a « linear » legs movment.

This way, the Robot is naturaly able to go on really straight line.

A little video of this little beast !

The print circuit is the ground frame of the Robot.

Both sticks on fiberglass are supporting 3 legs :

Both front and back of that side plus the middle one of the opposite side.

Both middle feets are crossing each other under the Robot.

A slight pivoting movement of the stick raise or lower the opposed middle feet/

Both sticks + Legs are inserted between both end panels of the body..

The complet robot.

The 9v rechargeable battery is located between the legs and the body !

Note the rod connecting the drive servo to both rear legs.

View from the back !

You can see the servo rods and lever of the pivoting legs mechanism.

Just have a look at the size of the 9v battery connector !

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