Robotic development Tool

alias « RDT »



Paper models


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  General view of the beast !.

It's small (14 X 8 X 3,5 cm) and really easy to carry everywhere.

This screen show the selection between reading an anlog voltage or decoding an infrared code through the port 4.


Typical application :

4 servos of the Robot are connected directly to the RDT .

The internal rechargeable Ni-cad battery give them the power supply.

Adjusting the poition of a servo :

Here, Port 2. (alias servo 2)

Positioning in middle (value = 150)

A press on the « Valid » key, send the pulse to the fourth Port at hte same time.

All of them can have a different position value.

Menu for decoding an infrared signal from a remote control.

By pluging an infrared sensor to the Port 4, the beam is decoded and a value is displayed. this value is used for programming the microcontroller of the robot.

Reading an Analog signal :

for exemple, distance mesuring sensor SHARP, plug to Port 4.

last update : Oct. 2008